Friday, March 2, 2012

Pic Book Review: Michael Recycle and the Tree Top Cops by Alexandra Colombo

Title: Michael Recycle and the Tree Top Cops
Author(s): Ellie Patterson (writer), Alexandra Colombo (illustrator)
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: March 20, 2012
Reading Group: Children
Source: NetGalley


Even super-heroes need a vacation, so where better than one of the world's natural wonders, the great Redwood Forest! But disaster has struck and the forest is under threat...can Michael Recycle and his new friends, the Tree Top Cops, save the day?


If you have a child and you want to introduce him or her to superheroes, the Michael Recycle series is a good pick. Before you pick up Michael Recycle and the Tree Top Cops, I'd suggest picking up the previous titles first. This is my first time reviewing a picture book, so any feedback would be appreciated. 

I've loved picture books ever since I picked up Where the Wild Things Are. There is an innocence in them that bring you back to your childhood. This is the first Michael Recycle I read and I gotta say, it was entertaining. 

I love the idea of a recycling superhero. I think it's important to teach kids the idea of recycling at a young age, and what better example for them than a superhero? It's a brilliant idea! Who doesn't want to learn from their idols? So yeah, I like Michael Recycle's character. As for the dog, Tin Can Stan, I felt it was their to "cuteness" purposes, which I think it's fine, just not for me. The other characters, though none stood out, all added a colorful spin to the story. 

The art is beautiful. I love the coloring. Although sometime I felt there was too much green, it makes sense here. The only thing that annoyed me is a certain image of Tin Can Stan that keeps appearing again and again. I don't know if it was an artistic decision, but it didn't quite work for me. Although the illustrations was great, the writing wasn't. I think it's because of the rhymes. Sometimes, they were fun and other times they were off, I felt. The whole book felt like looking at a great painting, then realizng that something is not quite right.

The story was good overall. It's one of the main reasons I enjoyed this book. It's shows how it's like living a childhood dream. It's a good way of showing kids that they could do anything if they worked together, especially if it's for a noble cause. I like that message.

All in all, Michael Recycle and the Tree Top Cops was an enjoyable read. I think it's a very good pick if you want to introduce your child to superheros.

Final Rating

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