Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wings: Book Review

Laurel's life is the very definition of normal . . . until the morning when she wakes up to discover a flower blooming from her back. As it turns out, nothing in Laurel's life is what it seems. Now, with the help of an alluring faerie sentry who holds the key to her true past, Laurel must race to save her human family from the centuries-old faerie enemies who walk among them.

     It wasn’t that bad. That’s how I would describe it. This is not usually the kind of book I would pick up, but I decided to give this one a chance because many people recommended it. I was hesitating to read this book at first because it was compared to Twilight a lot. And yes they do have similarities, but they are very few. I found this book way better than Twilight! I hate reviewing a book by comparing it to another book, but in this case, I should because I don’t want this book to be judged because it was compared to Twilight.

     Unfortunately, this book makes the same mistake as Twilight by not having enough action and also the lack of complexity in the plot. The story ran too smoothly for me. There wasn’t enough suspense and action. However, what I liked about this book that there is actually story there. True that there is a lot of romance, but the story mainly focuses on Laurel discovering who she really is. It focuses on the main character.

     I really liked the characters. Laurel the heroine is a tangible yet strong character. She would do anything to protect the people she loves. Laurel is definitely no Bella Swan! She actually has a personality! I liked David too, even though I thought he was unrealistic. He is too nice. I liked Tamani more. He is such a charismatic character!

     The love triangle in this book is definitely more intense and interesting than the one in Twilight. Although this book had more David/Laurel than Tamani/Laurel, you can’t tell which one she will choose!

     The writing style is very suitable for its target audience, though it’s not what I usually prefer. This book is better written than Twilight. It says more in a lot less pages. The descriptions are not over the top. It gets straight to the point. Reading this book requires absolutely no brain power, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

     If you love love-triangles, if you are a Twilight fan or you were just looking for an easy light fantasy/romance to read, this book is for you.

     This series has a lot of potential. I just hope the author will choose a more complex formula for the plot in her next book. I’ll not be expecting much though. As I said, this book is not that bad, but doesn’t have anything that memorable. Pike has an interesting take on Faieries, but the story could’ve been better. I give Wings 3/5. It is worth checking out, an easy-light read. And I expect “Spells” to be better.

Mark: 3/5

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