Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who Moved My Cheese? Book Review

Hi everyone!

today I want to give a short review on a book I think everyone should read.

The story of this book is very simple yet very meaningful. It's mostly a story about change and how people deal with it. While I was reading the book, I was comparing myself with the characters in it. what is wonderful about this book is that it's less then 100 pages but it takes you on a journey where you can see yourself in the characters as they look for their own special cheese. The cheese means anything that's important to you.

I loved this book very much because it taught me that no matter how comfortable your life is, nothing stays the same and you have to seek for new adventures and oppportunities before life changes shock you. Also if you worked hard, you will get what you want eventually.

Some Quotes:

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

"Nothing gets better until you change."

Some people don't get the message of this book due to its simplicity. In my opinion, it's is worth reading it has a powerfull message. Check out this book because it's simply amazing.

Mark: 5/5
And if you already read it, I hope you leave a comment and tell us what do you think.

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